Trump 2020 Online Store Florida

Trump Online Store Florida

Known as the sunshine state for its beautiful weather, Florida boasts a $1 trillion economy, making it the 4th largest economic producer in the United States. With low taxes and a large economy, Florida is home to nearly 500,000 Millionaires and 51 billionaires. Florida is a hugely attractive spot for the wealthy patrons of the world. Miami is most densely populated metropolitan area in Florida while Tallahassee is the States capital. Florida boasts a higher minimum wage than the federal minimum and has a low unemployment rate.

Florida’s population is growing rapidly and currently stands at about 21 million people. This number is expected to increase by about 10 million over the coming decades. Florida is home to many Latinos with its proximity to the southern border and it is mainly a Christian State.


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Florida is generally a Republican State and Donald Trump’s policies ensured he was the winning candidate in the 2016 Election. Make America Great Hats in Florida are very popular and as patriots we are proud and happy to sell out made in USA Trump 2020 Keep America Great Shirts in the Florida.


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