10 Highly Recognized Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump

Getting the approval of celebrities can be make or break for any presidential hopeful and it is no different with Donald Trump who enjoys a huge amount of celebrity endorsement. Politicians need a variety of different support with the majority of this coming from their voters. But, the support of influential people willing to endorse them can go a long way in pushing them up the political ladder. A good example of this is the many celebrities that have and continue to show their support for President Trump. Celebrity endorsement goes a long way in influencing the public, which is one of the reasons so many huge brands pay big bucks to celebrities to endorse their products.

Here at the Donald Trump 2020 Store we have organized a top 10 of the most highly recognized celebrities that hold president Trump in high esteem and they are as follows.


Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons


Gene is making sure that people are focusing on the good aspects of Mr. Trump which he reiterates as being Mr. Trump’s ability to lower the unemployment rates and spur the stock market to new highs. Mr. Simmons is broadcasting that Mr. Trump is tending to all matters that are important to the general public, like being able to feed their families and have a place of work to go to.


Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash Supports Trump

Stacey may have some ulterior motives for her dedication to Mr. Trump being as she wants to become part of the political family herself as a representative in the Political arena. But, she does take the same stance on immigration and race as Mr. Trump does. So this is bound to sway her fans to some degree.


Dana White


Dana is one of the more passionate Trump supporters some may say. He has pledged his loyalty by saying that nothing could ever convince him to bad mouth Mr. Trump for any reason. This is a clear message that Mr. White is sending to his followers, and no doubt one greatly appreciated by Mr. Trump himself as loyalty is high on the list with the President.


Mike Tyson

Trump Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson and Donald Trump go way back with a history of business dealings and friendship. There is no doubt that Mike was in Trump’s corner right from the first indication that Trump was going to run for the presidency. There is a lot of talk that Mr. Tyson was one of the driving forces behind Trump getting into office as the President. No doubt with Mr. Tyson being as influential as he is it made his endorsement of the president one that had an impact on some of his fans.


Elizabeth Pipko

Elizabeth Pipko Supports Trump

Elizabeth Pipko may not be a well-known celebrity to some, but for those that follow the social media, she makes a big impact. She is recognized as being a model, and a skater by some, but there also appears to be a link between her and the President as her being a Jexodus. Pipko’s political relationship with Trump is an intriguing one as she was a “closet Trump supporter”. She indicated in an interview that she was afraid that if she were open about being a trump supporter, it would adversely affect her skating career.


Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood Supports Trump

Many of Mr. Eastwood’s fans may have been surprised when they learned of the support that Mr. Eastwood was giving the then-candidate Mr. Trump. It would seem that Clint is impressed with Trump’s view on political correctness which is nothing short of contempt. This falls in line with the beliefs of Mr. Eastwood himself. So as a renowned actor his word is going to have some clout among his fans who also happen to be voters as well.


Kanye West

Trump And Kanye

Although many of the celebrity Trump supporters are flamboyant, most would admit that Kanye takes the lead. For those who doubt this, they just need to look back at Kanye’s white house presence with the President where he couldn’t find enough words to express his support of Mr. Trump. Mr. West left no doubts in the minds of his fans as to what he thinks of this President. This can also be seen with is regular wearing of the famous Red Trump MAGA Hat.


Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan even went so far as to thank God for the Trump win for the presidency. How much clearer could he make this to his fans that he wanted Trump in? It would seem that Mr. Hogan likes to inform his fans of his political likings through tweets. Why not! It works for the President.


Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila has her long list of followers and has not been silent in letting them, and anyone else who would listen know about her support for Trump. Although it should be noted that Tila has strong views that she has made public with racist and anti-semitic remarks throughout her years.  Known to be vocal means it comes as no surprise that she was spreading the word about her support for Mr. Trump.


Kid Rock

Trump Kid Rock

Kid Rock was one of several celebrities who showed their support for Mr. Trump in the early stages of the now President’s political career. Aside from being a friend of Trump, Detroit is dear to the heart of Kid Rock and Mr. Trump has made it clear that he has the same sentiments.



Every celebrity has their reasons for being a Trump supporter. As a celebrity, they have the power of persuasion among voters. You can also show your support for president Trump by checking out our quality Trump 2020 Merchandise, Trump Men’s Apparel, Womens Apparel and Trump 2020 Accessories.




  1. You can add Jennifer Aniston.

    1. Sorry, she does not support POTUS. She is a Hillary supporter.

  2. You forgot James Woods!


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