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5 Reasons Why Christians Support Trump

As the 2020 election fast approaches and the country continues to deal with the turmoil of leftists riots in places like Portland, President Trump has a clear and distinct advantage with Christians for a number of reasons including his position on Christian centric issues like abortion, the right to prayer and religious liberties.

While we are yet to see a debate between Joe Biden (The democratic hopeful) and Trump the Republic candidate, it seems that Trump is taking a commanding lead with everybody except the far left and Biden who has refused until recently to condemn the endless violence that is occurring in democrat cities across the country.

With that being said, let’s take a look at why Trump is the number 1 candidate for almost all members of the Christian faith.


#1. Trumps Stance On Abortion Is Pro Life

Almost all Christians believe that life is precious and that humans are conceived by God. They also believe that human rights start at the moment of conception and should not be decided at a doctors clinic as a matter of convenience. Despite this pro-life support from the president, Planned parenthood continue to perform abortions at an alarming rate across the country and as Christians, they see only one candidate to vote for when it comes to having a pro life president in the white house.


#2. Mike Pence Is The Ultimate Christian Vice President

You need look no further than Trump’s pick for vice president to see why he appeals to the Christian population of the United States.

Mike Pence describes himself as a Christian, A Conservative and a Republican in that order and it looks very much like he backs his words up with actions.

Mike Pence met with the pope earlier this year and describes himself as ‘Born-Again Evangelical Catholic and has supported Christian causes since he was a congressman. When you consider the choice between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, it is easy to see why Christians are flocking in droves to support president Trump.


#3 Moving The Us Embassy Of Israel To Jerusalem

Trump once again showed his commitment to Evangelical Christians when he made the bold decision to move the Us Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and he actually stated the Evangelical Christian were more excited about the move than the Jews were.

Israel is a place that is loved by Christians, despite Christians being persecuted around the world and Trump will have won big favours with Christians and Jews alike with this big and bold move.


#4 Trump Has Defended The Rights Of Christians To Practice Their Faith In The Midst Of The Pandemic

While it baffle and irritate Moderates and conservatives, there have been plenty of Democrat runs States who have allowed thousands of people to protest for such things as black lives matter, they have the door in the face of Christians, saying that mass and prayer were not essential while liquor stores and weed shops were run dry.

Trumps signing of an executive order has made sure that Christians are allowed to Preach in peace, despite lefty riots and the Christian Population of the US is unlikely to forget this act by the president when it comes time to vote.


#5 It’s Not Just Trump – It’s His Full Team and The Agenda

Ok, we get it, the country is not just run by 1 person, it’s a full team which includes practicing Christians like Mike Pompeo and Chief of Staff Mike Meadows. And it is not just the team, Trumps agenda is set in stone and it is an agenda that is pro life and pro Christian. When you compare this with people like Ilhan Omar on the other side, who literally hate America and Christianity, it is almost impossible for any self respecting Christian to vote for Joe Biden.


If Trump didnt have your vote before reading this article, we hope we have done enough to convince you of the merits of voting for Donald Trump as the only option for practicing Christians, due to the promises he has kept to Christians from the previous election, his Pro Life stance and his Pro Christian team and Agenda.

One last point is that Joe Biden has been in politics for 47 years, and he has done nothing for Christians or America. He has only made dodgy deals with China and Ukraine against the wishes of the American people.


Get out and Vote for Donald Trurmp



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