Russia Hoax Is Dead

Collusion Delusion – Was Russia Probe A Hoax?

Is The President Vindicated? What is All a Hoax?

Have the American people finally received their answer as to whether the President, Donald Trump colluded with the Russians? Just as this whole investigation was controversial so is the answer to this question. At least for some, but not for the President or the White house administration, and many others but with no indictments coming from the Mueller report, it appears the democrats are clutching at straws.

The formal findings of the special counsel were emphatic that there was no evidence that the President or his campaign officials colluded with the Russian Government to throw the election in favor of Mr. Trump. When you looked into the origins of this damaging case to the American republic, it is pretty clear that it was not Russia behind the leaked emails, but Julian Assange and he indicated indirectly that it was more than likely Seth Rich who stole the emails and then was controversially gunned down in a ‘Robbery’ where the perps didn’t steal anything. I am not going to get into ‘conspiracy theories here but that it is a strange case. Then you have Clinton’s email scandal where she kept top secret information on her own server after being warned not to and lost a government laptop containing classified information in the post!! These resulted in Hillary Clinton being under official investigation by the FBI after some emails should up on Weiner’s laptop! but the Democrats don’t seem to care. She smashed phones with a hammer when subpoenaed by congress for Gods sake. It is pretty clear Trump is a straight up guy as he has been under such scrutiny that any dirt would have surfaced by now.

As the President often referred to this investigation as being a hoax most would think that it should now be put to rest. But, this raises a second question.

What Is Going to Happen Next?

The answer to this question in part remains to be seen although Attorney General Barr has said that the report will be released by the 14th of April . Opinions of the findings were rampant once Mr. Barr, the new Attorney General released his summary of the Mueller report.

The Democrats: While pleased they received a timely summary were by no means happy with the contents. The Dems held the strong belief that there was collusion and on the face of this summary they have been proven wrong.  It does not appear as though they are ready, willing and able to accept this.  House leader Nancy Pelosi seems to be treading softly by encouraging her party to gather all the information which includes the release of the full Mueller report, but not to lose sight of their other responsibilities.

There are still some house investigations that are ongoing in the Senate and the house, and the Dems will want to see if anything in the Mueller report is going to support them in these. Which technically means the issue of the collusion will quietly be swept aside and the focus changed to other possible infractions by the President such as obstruction of justice or misappropriation of funds such as those used for the inauguration.

Attention may sway from collusion to its “all about the money”.  This is evident in the claim that Maxine Waters, chair of the House Financial Services has made that she wants a full understanding of the Trump finances.

Is The Investigation Going to Be Investigated

All parties concerned with this investigation are between a rock and a hard place. The President has all along been calling the investigation a hoax. That claim cannot be substantiated, but the fact that he has been vindicated of collusion has. The Republicans, for the most part, have stood behind the president’s claims of being innocent but still felt that the investigation was justified and that it would vindicate the president. Many would walk a fine line in making actual claims that the investigation itself was a hoax. The Dems, of course, welcomed the investigation and therefore cannot realistically bad mouth its findings.

What may lead to an investigation of the investigation itself, is the conclusion that was reached in summary. The Dems are not going to be happy until the entire report has been released to them. As far as the public goes there may be some split opinions. The Presidents base supporters are thrilled with the outcome and will want to see this issue put to rest. The undecided voters may be content with the summary provided by Mr. Barr. Then the democrat voters themselves will be intent on seeing the Mueller report released to the public.

The Scrutiny of the President has not ended and likely never will as long as he is in office, which means that the Democrats are most likely going to keep the pressure on for the full release of the Mueller report. Then once this happens, they are going to go over it with great intensity. Most likely they will jump on issues that are not clear, and look for any findings that may in their opinion need further investigation. Keeping in mind that Mr. Mueller’s task was to determine collusion with the Russians and his obligations stopped there.

In our next article we are going to look at the collusion on the other side and whether this investigation is going to swing the other way and there are a long list of very suspect matters to be discussed.

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