Trump And Rand Paul

“We Defeated ISIS” – Highlights Of Explosive Trump Rally In Kentucky

Trump gave a rousing speech on Monday night in Richmond, Kentucky in front of a packed audience.

The president talked for about an hour on a wide number of issues including getting the American Pastor, Andrew Brunson, released from Turkish Custody and back to American soil but perhaps the best moment came when the president spoke about how his administration have beaten ISIS, which was met with enthusiastic support form the great patriots who filled the stadium.


Trump complained about previous administrations who waged endless wars around the world and then expected America to take the terror afflicted migrants. He then talked about the terrific job done by the administration in the middle east and especially when it comes to ISIS.


Check It Out:


Trump also spoke about defying the democrats to reflect Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, as well as talking about the never ending impeachment witch hunt of the media and the Democrats.




Highlights of the Rally:


Full Rally Here:


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