Trump 2020 CPAC Speech

Trump Explosive Speech At CPAC 2019

Donald Trump Delivered an EXPLOSIVE 2 hour long speech at CPAC 2019 in Maryland where he touched on every topic imaginable, from Iraq to crowd sizes.
It is hard to think of any other politician who could captivate a crowd so excellently for 2 hours as Donald J. Trump who has a real way with words.

1 CHina And Trade

Trump kicked off his speech talking about the decreasing trade deficit with China and where the positive discussions were heading suggesting that a deal
with China would be announced soon. He denounced previous administrations saying he Asked president Xi how had it got away with it for so long to which
he responded “Nobody ever asked us to change, its true”.

2 Kim Jung Un & North Korea

Trump spoke of his visit with Kim Jung Un where a deal was not made but progress and good relations continue. Trump mentioned the amazing future
North Korea has economically should they de-nuclearize the peninsula and that a deal can be reached in the future.

3. Hayden Williams

Hayden Williams

Trump brought Hayden Williams to the stage who spoke well and called for all young conservatives to join Turning Point USA. Hayden will be bringing
the perpetrator to court after the vicious attack. Trump addressed the free speech crisis on college campuses and declared he would sign an executive order to prevent de platforming and silencing of  conservative voices. Those who fail to comply with face a reduction in federal funding.

4. Socialism

The president again strongly denounced Socialism, pointing to its incredible failure in Venezuela and any other time it has been implemented.
Trump has labelled the entire democratic party as socialist and that will be a key tool of his in the 2020 election.

5. Pocahontas

Trump spoke of Elizabeth Warren declaring that he has already destroyed her political career and it is hard to argue after her native Indian
debacle. The president declared, “I hope I don’t get rid of all the good ones and have to face someone intelligent.”

6. Green New Deal

President Trump jokingly embraced the democrat Green New Deal, jibing that he hopes they run with it for 2020 as he proceeded to highlight the
gaping holes in the flawed plan.



7. Russia Collusion

The thoroughly discredited Michael Cohen came up in the lengthy speech, saying at least he admitted there was no Russian Collusion as was already
becoming more and more clear and apparent.
Trump joked: “Please Russia, Give Us Clinton’s Emails, Please Russia, Please Please Russia” to great laughter from the young conservative crowd.

8. Jim Mattis – Iraq

Trump criticized Jim Mattis and his role in Iraq. He declared that after visiting the Generals in Iraq he realised defeating ISIS would be a lot
quicker if new tactics were employed and Trump has had enormous success in defeating ISIS. Trump announced that the caliphate was almost completely beaten in Syria
and the troops would be coming home.

9. Mueller

Mueller has had it in for Trump since he decided to run for president. He;s Russia probe has come to absolutely nothing and now he is moving on
to Trump’s past business dealing and “Trying to take him out with bullshit”. Trump decried thos in congress who hate the country and people who find themselves
in positions of power for too long, even when they dont belong there.

10. Late Term And Post Birth Abortion

Trump also spoke on the horrors of late term abortion declaring all his opponents have voted for the horrific third trimester abortions and the Kentucky
governor even supporting execution post birth!

Trump reserved special praise for Candace Owens of Turning Point USA and the #BLEXIT movement. Candace also spoke at the event.

Candace Owens Turning Point USA


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