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Trump Online 2020 – What’s Next For The Government Shutdown?

Four options for moving on from the current shutdown


The recent shutdown was the longest in the history of the United States’ Government. But the apparent truce is only a temporary ceasefire. The current deal will keep things ticking over until mid-February but no one knows what will happen after that. Unless a deal is reached which satisfies both sides there is a possibility that the government will soon be trapped once more in  the same stalemate. With the left refusing to compromise on their obstructionist agenda where they will refuse to work with President Trump on any policy, We are likely to come to a head again in February. However, that is only one of the possible options. Here are a few different ways it could go.

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30 Democratic members of the house have come forward and said that they want a vote to see who is in favour of Trump’s deal. They have sent a letter saying as much to speaker Pelosi. , It might be overly optimistic but there is a possibility that a deal or at least a compromise can be agreed. For this to happen Trump an The Republicans need to be satisfied that he will get the funding to implement the border protection that many Democrats have thoroughly supported for a number of years. This is the best solution for the USA but the left are unwilling to come to the table. Trump has shown time and time again that he is willing to compromise on many things to stop the flow of drugs and dangerous illegals into the country. This is the basic sticking point and it might take a lot of discussion and compromise to come up with a plan that meets the needs of both sides. Let’s hope the Democrats will come to the table to get the security that they actually support implemented.


Another shutdown

Another possibility is, of course, another shutdown. This is exactly will happen if The Democrats refuse to budge on protecting the country. The situation could be avoided if the Democrats vote the approve the border which is unlikely.  The problem for the Left is that although he appears to hold the power to “Resist” Trump, they will also have to take responsibility for not being willing to protect the country when the next election comes. And this will not be good for their popularity. Pelosi and her advisors must be aware that taking the country into another shutdown is not without risk for her personally and the credibility of the Democratic Party.

Especially with the walk away and #blexit campaigns leaving the democrats losing members at record numbers, they could be advised to make a decision that benefits the American people.

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Declaration of an emergency

If the Democrats wont budge from their childish stance of not working with President Trump on anything at all, there is likely to be another shutdown, although Trump would be perfectly within his rights to declare a border emergency to get the country secured. This would avoid shutdown and would benefit the USA in general by stopping illegal aliens, Drugs and human trafficking. The reality of the matter is that walls work. In this situation, Trump would then sign off the new spending budget without needing to make a deal with the Democrats as the matter of funding the wall would no longer be up to them. This seems like an extreme option but it can’t be ruled out. .


Business as usual

There is also the possibility that The Republicans will forget about the wall and agree to not protect the American people. This will be simply kicking the ball down the road for the next administration in 2024. If a compromise seems unlikely, an emergency declaration looms over the country and another shut down damaging for the country. One thing is for sure, Trump has been here many times in his executive life and he always come out on top. The wall is very likely to become a reality.


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