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Who Will Challenge Trump To Become US President In 2020

Who will become president in 2020?

There was a time when those who aspired to become president tended to be those who already had some experience of the world of politics. The norm was to get involved in your chosen party in some small way then work your way up through the ranks. By the time you reached the position of senator, you might well start thinking that the next step in your career could put you in the Whitehouse. Donald J. Trump has blown this concept out of the water with his 2016 Presidential election.

However, since the election in 2016 of Donald Trump as the country’s 45th president, that idea has been blown right away. Trump’s election has opened up the idea that anyone can be president. And although in some ways that chimes neatly with the American ideal of aspirational democracy, it means that today it can be taken quite literally. No, you don’t need to have served as a senator and don’t worry if you have zero experience of politics. These things are no longer a barrier to becoming a world leader…as long as you are popular.

So what impact will this have on the future of American politics? The most likely change is that we will see a significant increase in the numbers competing for the nomination. At the last election, the Republicans started out with 17 contenders. A recent survey suggests this number could double in 2020.

The Democrats had only 6 at the starting line but this is also very likely to increase. Despite their shared dislike of Trump, there is more division within the party which could lead to more potential nominees trying to represent the different factions with the Democratic Party.

Other factors which may influence potential candidates are Trump’s declining popularity making him seem like an easier target to beat. Although nothing has been confirmed, there is a lot of speculation around whether or not Hilary Clinton will run again this year. If not this will certainly increase the odds in favour of other contenders. Below are some of the frontrunners in which will no doubt turn out to be an interesting and possibly entertaining race.


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Hilary Clinton

Although the chances of her running  again look less likely than before, she cannot be overlooked. Clinton’s crooked and bad record in her career means she doesnt have a chance. Many Democrats still feel that Clinton is still their best hope for turning the Whitehouse blue.  At 71 she is among the older but not one of the oldest contenders and will still be younger than the current incumbent if she reaches the Whitehouse in the 2020 election. Despite a large number of potential candidates, there still seems to be  no obvious successor to her position. She also has plenty of support at grassroots level and having lost the election to Trump is likely to be as the natural alternative. Whether or not this will be enough to push Clinton into action and over the finishing is still only speculation. If Clinton runs it will be music to Donald Trump and the republicans ears.


Dwayne (The Rock) Johnston is new to the race. His success may depend to a great extent on whether the American people want to get rid of Trump and Trump style politics altogether or whether they just want to replace him a with new improved version. There are some suggestions that the Democrats will opt for a Trump style candidate and The Rock, a former professional wrestler may well be the perfect solution. There was initially speculation about which side he intended to run on. Now if he is clearly in the Democrats camp. With that in mind, along with the fact that Johnstone originally announced his intention to run for office on a “Saturday Night Live” skit, some might not take his entry to the political scene too seriously. But he quickly gained the support of a political action committee and now looks like a serious contender. The Rock has already said he will not be running but might be a candidate for 2024.



Whitney could also be considered another Trump like figure in the sense that she could be elected on the sheer force of her personality and mass popularity. However, Winfrey is not entirely new to the political game having supported Obama back in 2008 during the Democratic primaries. And in the USA the leap from stardom to politics is not an unusual one.  Winfrey may do better than some expect. She was at one time described in the New York Times as the Democrat’s best hope. Time will tell if her popularity and personality will allow the Democrats to beat the Republicans at their own game. Let’s see if Oprah will run and what her policies are likely to entail.



At 49, Corey Booker is one of the younger hopefuls yet brings with him an impressive record of service and political Experience. Originally from New Jersey, Booker’s political career began as a member of Newark Municipal council in 2002 shortly after graduating from Law School.  He progressed through the ranks and was sworn in as senator in 2013.

However previous supporters include the likes of the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner as well as the Big Pharma industry. None of these are likely to endear him to the Democrats today.  Booker will need to work hard to distance himself for the past and build up a strong network of supporters to show himself in a more favourable light.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren, a former law professor also represents the more traditional face of politics. Warren from Massachusetts, is still fairly new as she did not run for office until 6 years ago.  However, she bring along her experience as Senator and an academic background – qualities which might be welcomed in the post-Trump era.

Strong on anti-corporatism and with a feminist standing, she has been a successful fundraiser for the party. Her views fall between the Centrist and more populist tradition. If the balance is right she may well appeal to both sides. However, Warren is also seen as lacking in spark and may fail to win over voters against so much more colourful competition. ‘Pocahontas’ notoriously failed her native American blood test, destroying her credibility. Trump will have no problem beating Elizabeth Warren.



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