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Make America Great Again Hats Labelled Racist By The Left

Make America Great Again Hats have been featured predominantly in the media this week after a fake news attack on a bunch of high school covington kids. Im sure you are familiar with this story already now but to recap, Leftist media released a fake news video that apparently showed the high school kids ‘Harassing’ a native American. Every news outlet ran with the story but as it turns out, the native America actually approached the high school kids beating a drum and the kid simply stood his ground and smiled. Hardly a racist attack. Nick Sandmann, the student involved subsequently released a statement to help stop him and his family from being attacked by the left:

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The Backlash from this incident is that the media has had to back down on its racist white narrative in this instance but has instead chosen to attack the Make America Great Hat itself as racist. Let’s get this straight. A hat that says you want your country to be great is racist, even though many black people wear the MAGA hat with pride. Foolish if you ask me.


Leftists are coming out of the woodwork saying they are ‘Triggered’ when they see the hat. They have also said that they “fear the hat, and that their fear should outweigh logic”

Brandon Tatum, Director of Urban Engagement At Turning Point USA, donned the hat on Fox News and stated that he hoped he “Triggered Every Liberal Possible By Wearing The Hat”.

Brandon is also a member of Blexit, a huge new movement where black people are fleeing the democratic party. Blexit held its first event this January. Blexit is looking like it is going to be a huge movement as we speed towards the 2020 election, where the left may be humiliated and given a lesson in partisanship.

The Fact the wearing a hat in support of a duly elected president of the United States in racist seems to spit in the face of the tolerance that the left claims to stand for. It makes you think that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real affliction that needs to be treated by a cold dose of facts and reality.

The attempt to label the MAGA Hat as a new white hood of the KKK simply ignores the fact that the KKK was on the left and was not tied to Republican values.

With The Government shutdown on a break until the 15th of February, it seems the Democrats have been given an opportunity and come to the table to negotiate on the safety and security of the southern border of the USA. This is a chance they are not likely to take and a national emergency may be declared to get this wall built. The wall is much more than border security but a sign at to the way this country is headed. What we know from Trump’s history is that he is not likely to back down and this wall is pretty much guaranteed to be built.




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